COVID-19 Updates

From our supplier:

This is a difficult time for everyone and we're working hard to adapt to this new reality. We'll continue to share information on this page, so check back often.

Our incoming order volume is still growing, and we're still seeing long fulfillment and shipping delays industry-wide. Even with all the steps we're taking, it'll take time and patience to bring our fulfillment times back to normal.

Our EU and MX branches are operating as normal while following each country's public health guidelines. Our branches in NC and LA are also operational and we're working on safely increasing our output. 

We've hired and trained over 100 new team members (while social distancing and safety measures in place). We've also invested $3.4 million in new printing equipment to help us scale up.

We're partnering with backup facilities to help us manage order volume, and we're routing orders to wherever they can be fulfilled most efficiently. As of now, we're working with 9 backup facilities in the US, Europe, and Australia, and we're looking for more options.

Currently we are seeing delays of up to 4 weeks with most items, but masks are usually about 2 weeks.  This is due to order volume and the allowance of safe working practices.